Red Roaring rough day

So my Sika Roar has been a bit of a challenge again so far this year, lots of stags coming in but not being able to get a shot away, the one shot I have fired inadvertently hit a young Beech tree sapling that was directly in front of my barrel unseen in my scope and the hind that was about 8 yards away ran off unharmed (she had come in to a single call).

To try get away from the crowds I decided to go to a spot I hadn’t been in a couple of years and worked my way up a creek calling on scrapes I found as I moved up to no avail. I had just moved off a scrape when I heard a moan over the creek noise, so I climbed onto a small knob and sure enough I could hear a Red roaring 8-900 meters away up a split in the stream.(always the odd red in this particular area and a fair few hybrids)

So I bolted on over closing the gap to 100-150 meters, spooking a sika hind in the process. I set me and Tia up looking over looking a gully to where the Red was roaring from and proceeded to do some average sounding Red roars, much to my surprise he cranked up pretty hard but wouldn’t come in to me and in the end moved away a bit. I decided to close the gap once more  which turned out to be bad decision because the terrain meant I had to get right on top of him and he shut up shop, a few minutes into waiting for him to come in I hear a crash/crack behind us and spin to see a flash of a deer bolting from 10 meters away, it had walked right into our scent trail. Not sure if it was stag or hind but pretty sure it was a sika not the Red.

So the video below is mostly a ten minute sound bite.

What you won’t see in the video: A deer, me leaving my lunch on the kitchen bench, me falling down a 2 meter bank snapping my rifle cam off, me being very relieved falling down the bank didn’t do any damage to myself, me somehow loosing a $500 camera out of my pocket, me getting stun by a wasp.

What you will see (or hear): Lots of trees, me briefly as I put camera on belt, Tia my great dog and of course a Red stag roaring.

Posted on April 18, 2015 in Hunting

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