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Roe Bucks Scotland

A quick article on my Scottish Roe Buck trip: Scotland Roe Buck story

H&F Fly and Gun Taupo

Sika XTII callers are now available in store at Hunting and Fishing Taupo (Fly and Gun Taupo) 27 Gascoigne St, Taupo Phone:07-378 4449 Not long now until the Roar!

Callers available

Just finished fifty Sika XTII callers so back in stock ready to go.

Yearling Sika

Great first day out with my new/old Ruger 300 win mag…

Malawi Safari, Africa July 2015 (non hunting)

I was very fortunate to get to go to Malawi (Africa) on a three week holiday, my Fiancee is over there doing six months of volunteer working/University lecturing  and orginised a big tour of some of the National Parks and Game reserves. I got to see pretty much from South to North, East to West…

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Boyd’s stock, first deer

First deer with the new Boyd’s stock on my rifle. Saw what I thought was a pair of ears in the scrub about 400 meters away, looked through the binos and sure enough it was a hind. Turned my vid cam on and scanned trying to pick her up again, got a glimpse so I…

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Red Roaring rough day

So my Sika Roar has been a bit of a challenge again so far this year, lots of stags coming in but not being able to get a shot away, the one shot I have fired inadvertently hit a young Beech tree sapling that was directly in front of my barrel unseen in my scope…

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Sika XT II callers

I have just finished making some of the new Sika XT II callers! Available from

12 point Red

Here is a nice 12 point Red Stag shot on Sunday morning by a good friend of mine. Public land and the stag was roaring.

Almost Roar time!

I have been out for a couple of reccon missions, putting a game came on a wallow close to where I stepped on a big Sika stag last roar while out with my bow (2014 Tia and I were pushing towards where we had heard a roar, sign everywhere, thick high Monawai/Pepperwood and Manuka, I…

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