New photos

Uploaded some new photos to the gallery ….

work n weather

Between work the weather and a blown head gasket on my main vehicle we haven’t been out for a proper hunt in a couple of weeks. Did a quick morning recon on a clearing I know a young stag is using but we spooked him on the way in, appeared he was on his way…

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Spot the deer

Couple of game cam pictures from a happy hunting ground…. pics from last year. Can you see the other deer? Fawns mum is in picture too…

Quick walk with video

Went for a quick walk in one of my favorite patches of Beech forest with just the video camera, Tia quickly got us onto a stag but he was hiding in the pepperwoods and the wind was swirling so he was on to us and we didn’t get a look at him. From 50 seconds…

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Close encounters

New short article on a hunt from the roar 2010. Close Encounters of the Sika kind.

Tia’s First deer

Just finished a short article on Tia’s first deer.

Last Roar

Photo from last roar. Big old Sika Stag Haven’t been out for a hunt in a few days, will add an article in next couple of days.

Bush walk

Went for a walk in my Favorite patch of Beech forest this evening, didn’t take a rifle just my video cam. Soon as we got to edge of the forest Tia started to indicate, so I let her lead the way. Found a nice set of fresh stag prints and some flax fronds that had…

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Boxing Day

Tia and I haven’t been out over Christmas so here is a pick and short write up on a deer we got winter 2010. 3/Oct/2010: Late winter and Tia has just turned 1yr old. It was dark claggy day but not too cold so I decided to go for an evening hunt at a spot…

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Red Spiker

Went for an evening hunt at a clearing I got a yearling off a couple of weeks ago. A few hundred meters before the clearing Tia started winding nicely so I new there was a deer around. When we got to the edge of the clearing I noticed a out of place colour right down…

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