Cracker 8point sika

Got this cracker 8 point sika stag mid afternoon today! Also got some nice video so will post more info and vids in next couple days.

Roaring started

Good friend of mine shot this bad boy on Wednesday, he came crashing in to a roar. Weighed 135kg real fat red stag. I was out Sika country this morning in the pouring rain and heard my first roar for the season, it was a hybrid sika/red in the thick scrub making a funny sounding…

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The wind dropped off a bit this afternoon so I went out to a spot looking at some clay pans that I knew a big sika stag is coming out on. Well blow me down after watching for 30 minutes the Big Boy walks out…at about 200 yards through my scope on 4x I could…

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The Roar (Rut)

The Roar (rut) is almost upon us! I have been out scouting a few of my regular spots and have seen some good stag sign, a fair bit of rubbing and good amount of foot prints, no sign of scrapes or wallow use yet but won’t be far away. Saturday at one of my favourite…

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Five point Sika video

Uploaded video of the 5 point sika stag I got on the 26th/feb2012 Videos or Youtube

5point sika

Got a nice 5 point sika stag this afternoon. Will post article and video in the next couple of days.

new video

New vid on the videos page or at youtube Rainy Hunt Sika

Rainy hunt

Went for an afternoon hunt in the beech forest, rainy but warm day. We had been walking about 20 minutes when Tia started to wind hard and lead me over the ridge to above a terrace, Tia was indicating hard so I sat and watched for a good 5 minutes before getting a visual. Took…

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New coat

New fluro green coat for Tia… Safe for the roar! Dog vest from looks good, nice and light weight, very open mesh weave on the cloth for breath-ability. Best of all nice and bright!

New article

3 not 2 A short article on an unusual hunt.

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