First bow

I took my girl friend along to the Raglan Archery club for our first time on Sunday and John helped me sight in my new bow and got me grouping reasonable at 20 yards. My GF had a good time trying out a bow for the first time too, she had a go with a…

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Text Book Sika…well almost

In January my father passed away. I had promised to take him out in the roar this year (he’d missed a beaut sika 2012 roar), so I asked my brother if he would like to come in his stead. My brother like me had grown up learning to hunt rabbits and ducks from our dad,…

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new Video

Uploaded a new video to youtube yesterday Scrub Hunt Roar 2013

Scrub hunting Roar 2013

Just spent four days down my fav haunts, hunting in the scrub country, lots of action and a huge amount of fun for Tia and I. Karerea eating a blackbird, awesome bird to watch and not often you get a good close look. Tuesday day 1: Up at 5am to get into a good area…

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Long time coming

Well it has been quite some time since Tia and I have been back at our favourite hunting grounds but we made up for it this week. Day 1 I was a bit worried Tia would be out of practice and a bit out of shape after a lazy hazy summer but all fears were…

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No Hunting 8(

I have not had a chance to get out for a descent hunt in ages!! But I did go snapper fishing of the rocks at whakatane the other day… Smallest is 42cm, larger ones are both 56cm. I am moving to Rotorua in the next couple of weeks so I will be doing some exploring…

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Sambar walk

Went for a quick sambar hunt in a friends small pine block. Tia found a old cast antler, the tips had been chewed off. Didn’t see or spook anthing, Tia didnt even get a sniff, sign we did see was all a few days old.

First good snow

Toi Toi hunting

After getting back from work at midday yesterday Tia and I went for an afternoon hunt in Red Deer territory. The spot is mostly native regrowth with Toi Toi clearings and a lot of old haul tracks to get around by. We walked a track for about 45 minutes before starting to see some sign,…

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Close quarters

We had another action packed afternoon chasing Sika Stags. We went to the same spot as yesterday but came in from a different angle, there had been plenty of rain overnight to clear our scent. As we approached Tia started indicating nicely but the scrub was still way to dense to contemplate a roar, so…

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