Sika XT Caller

Sika XT caller back in stock, only six available at present.


The Journey

Life is a journey they tell us and I believe it so. I guess you could say my hunting journey really started with my Dad who had to teach himself to shoot and hunt as his father had died very young. Then my father past his knowledge on to not only my brother and I…

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Roar 2014

Success for David

On 4/8/2014 7:11 AM, David Dennerly wrote: > > Hi, > I thought I would send you a picture of the stag I shot in the weekend not the biggest stag by a long shot but your caller works awesome! I did have a bigger stag roaring well but the wind changed direction which was…

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The Roar

Been I while since I posted but the Roar/Rut is almost upon us! I went for a very quick pre rut scout in one of my favourite beech forest last Saturday, the wind was swirling bad and while Tia was ground scenting we walked straight into a Sika Stag but all we saw was a…

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Quick Sambar hunt

Tia and I went for a quick Sambar hunt in a small Pine Tree block down the Manawatu yesterday. This is one of the few private blocks I hunt. The block is about 2km long, 400m at its widest and surrounded by farm land, the top third is younger trees with a thick Ink Weed…

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Catching up

So I have been having a bit of fun with my bow. I have been to two 3d archery shoots and been out on a few wild goat hunts as well, yum goat makes the best curry!

First deer hunt with a bow

No deer seen this evening. Trying again in the morning.

Journal on Amazon

To Download Purchase from Amazon Click on Image or Title A Journal of Deer Hunting in New Zealand Book Description Publication Date: June 22, 2013 This is a journal covering three years of hunting deer in New Zealand and the journey of teaching and learning to hunt with my dog ‘Tia’.

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