Sika Pair

sika pair

Pair of Sika spikers

August 2010
Decided to go for a mid winter walk up the Waipakihi river for an early morning hunt. It was one of those misty to raining on and off days with a light down river breeze.

Not too far up and we started seeing fresh foot prints in the sand and Tia started to wind a bit, so we moved up a high point and Tia started to get quite excited. Way up near the next bend I saw a couple of dark dots and instantly thought deer so out came the bino’s and sure enough a pair of sika were picking their way slowly up river about 500 meters away.

So we dropped back down into the river and worked our way up to a log jam and had another look.
Now I could only see a lone spiker picking at moss on the rocks on the far side off the river about 250 meters away.
I loaded my .308 and squeezed off, heard a good whack and saw the deer stagger, so I scanned for the other deer. It was on our side trotting directly towards us at about 170 meters so I squeezed off on him and he collapsed on the spot. Now I turn back to the first one and it has fallen over in the middle of the river and getting swept down the river, by the time I got it out of the river it was almost at the same spot as the second stag.

Awesome! Great pair of Sika spikers for the larder.

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