3 not 2

A nice spring day in October and I decided to go for a walk in place I hadn’t been for a few years.
A big area of native that was logged out in the 60’s so it has a lot of trails, clearings and very heavy re-growth.

Parked the suzuki up at 4pm and headed of down the main access track, with a nice breeze in my face and the sun shinning.
Within minutes Tia was winding so we slowed down and started scanning the little side clearings, it wasn’t long before we came across a couple of sets of stags prints where they had been milling around in the soft dirt. But were long gone.

After about an hour the wind suddenly change direction and I could see heavy clouds heading our way, I was thinking to myself this is a waste of time but I’ll push on for another 10 minutes just to check out a big clearing that was close by.

I poke my head around the corner and there is a big red hind at 170 meters, the 308 comes up to my shoulder and I squeezed off, the deer staggers and I hear a good whack then she promptly jumps into the tall scrub, I was thinking I’ll give it a few minutes then we’d head over, then she pops up 10 meters from where she disappeared so I squeeze off again, and the hind vanishes but I heard another good whack. So I’m thinking yup this time it’s down for good.

Keeping Tia at heal we head to where the hind was standing on my first shot and sure enough a huge blood trail so I let Tia go and she takes me straight to the hind. I was reaching into my pocket for a knife when a yearling pops up 20 meters away, without hesitation I head shoot it and have a quiet celebration thinking awsome a good load of meat.

So I bone out the yearling then the hind and as I am doing so I can’t find 2 bullet wounds, the shots were off hand but I was very confident and had heard the bullets hit and a nagging feeling starts to hit. Soon as I get up to walk back to the car Tia kept running back into the scrub then back to me and I knew I had another deer down. By this time there was no way I could do 3 trips to the car by dark so I txt’d a good friend and got him to meet me at the car park saying he could have a whole deer if he was keen to carry it.

As we got back to the deer to carry the last 2 out it was almost dark and starting to hail…..

3 not 2

Two of the three before I realised there was a third.

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